About Us

About Us

Founded in 2000 by the brothers Mustafa and Ismail Gocer in a small atelier of ​​30 m2, Şah Metal, with its unique designs which integrate into  installation forms that fit to application areas, pioneering details at various product types in the market, adopted ‘quality’ as an absolute must and from the very start, aimed at becoming a prestigious company that leads the sector and have secured its place.


Taking the first step to becoming a corporate brand, Şah Metal registered the ‘Guzzi’ brand in 2003 and collected its products in three main groups as; ‘Pro Collection’, ‘Basic Collection’ and ‘Roller Blinds and Accessories’.


After 2020, Şah Metal enriched the product range with more modern and trendy designs, which had been mainly classical before then. The usage details and visual richness in the seperate catalogue of ‘Roller Blinds and Accessories’ were especially acclaimed highly in domestic and international market.


Şah Metal have succeeded in being not a trend follower but a prominent trend setter in the sector, by continuously renewing its collections and presenting its products into the market without never compromising the core principles of quality production and quality service. Şah Metal works harder each day for customer satisfaction, to maintain the trust of its customers, the paramount part of Şah Metal family.


Having stepped into the sector as a modest organization, Şah Metal has transformed its gains into an investment that has succeeded in becoming a brand that serves to a total of 500 sales points, approximately 400 in the country and 100 abroad, in a factory area of ​​3.000 m2.


Şah Metal, which has become one of the leading companies in the sector with your support, owes its customers a great debt of gratitude, for choosing our brand and products.

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